Ameko Eks Mass
edit introduction

With his tiny size, Ameko constantly surprises directors with his understanding of the movie-making process.

Allowed early entry into a Poetry/Drama class at age 2 due to his ability to retain information & be attentive.

The day he turned 3 yrs he was on the stage reciting poetry and the "ham" in Ameko loved the spotlight.

Now as Ameko is 5 yrs and his film credits are adding up, he's already talking about moving on to directing! (ha,ha...hopefully he waits a few years for that.)

The early focus Ameko spent on memorizing, reciting & writing placed him in a KG/Grade 1 split at 4yrs of age. And according to Ameko, they still didn't spend enough time on their notebooks. Now as he enters Grade 1, he has a real passion for reading & loves to spell endlessly.

Love for learning, travelling & making new friends on set makes Ameko the perfect character for the entertainment industry.